TUSCAN OLIVES sources premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil and sells locally under the brand name of Willunga River.

IMPORTERS of our olive oil have the choice of using our Tuscan Olives label or using their own label. Some importers purchase our oil in bulk and bottle it in their home country, or we bottle it here; the choice is yours. We have been exporting to India for more than a dozen years and recently sold bottled olive oil to China.

This premium brand of cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced with only the highest quality olives processed as soon as possible after harvest without the use of excessive heat, thus maintaining the flavour, aroma and health benefits of the olive fruit.

Our Olive Oil TUSCAN OLIVES has a "Free Fatty Acid" level almost three times lower than the minimum amount of 0.8% set by the International Olive Oil Council (IOOC).
Ours is usually below 0.27%!!! Making it a a world class Premium Olive Oil!

Tuscan Olives : It's great for your health
  • It's not only cholesterol free, but it helps to reduce harmful cholesterol levels which reduces the risk of heart disease.
  • It's a natural storehouse of vitamins E, A, and K.
  • It's a good source of anti-oxidants that fight against free radicals which have been linked with cancer.
  • Help's the digestive system function more efficiently.
  • It's an excellent source of energy as it metabolizes readily.
  • Adds a wonderful Mediterranean aroma & flavour to your cooking.

    Even though our Extra Virgin olive oil contains no preservatives, it will keep longer than other edible oils, particularly if it is kept in an air tight bottle away from heat & light.

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