About us
TUSCAN OLIVES, a family owned olive oil Export business is situated by the renowned McLaren Vale region of South Australia sourcing premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We also sell locally.

The manager, Kevin McCallum, has a lifetime of experience in agriculture and horticulture.
His expertise with olives began in the Middle East in 1987 in Jordan where he managed an olive grove of mature trees. Kevin quadrupled oil production in five & a half years by applying his wealth of experience and instincts to adapt the existing procedures to more viable dry desert condition procedures. These insightful advances came from generations of experience in wheat and sheep farming in the low rainfall regions of South Australia.

Kevin has 15+ years of exporting experience. Our Export olive oil is 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil and has a Free Fatty Acid level more than three times lower than the 0.8% amount set out by the International Oil Council. In fact, our olive oil is usually below 0.27%, making it one of the world's premium Olive Oils!

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